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Vindaloo Curry Sauce

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 North Carolina Made!

Vindaloo is an Indian Curry dish popular in the region of Goa. It is often regarded as a fiery spicy dish; this tomato and vinegar based SPICY HOT curry sauce is ideal for the easy preparations of a number of spicy meat and fish dishes as well as it is an excellent grilling sauce and a marinade. Use 2-3lb meat, fish/shrimp for one 12 oz bottle.

All natural, gluten free and vegan; NO MSG, artificial colors or preservatives. No fillers, corn syrup or modified food starch.

Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: Water, Tomatoes, Canola Oil, Onion, Vinegar, Chili Peppers, Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper, Kerala Curry Spice blend, Ginger, Mustard Seeds, Garlic, Turmeric

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