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Quattro Culinary Oils

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Try out these cooking flavors! 

Peppered Bacon- Who doesn’t love bacon?! Enjoy the robust, smoky flavor of thick cut, peppered bacon paired with extra virgin olive oil. The best part? Waistline friendly. 3.4.oz

Hatch Chili -Hatch Chili Infused Olive Oil. Our Hatch Chili Olive Oil brings to life the flavor of fruity and slightly spicy green chilies! 3.4oz

 Roasted Shallot- Make this your secret weapon in the kitchen to cut down on prep time but add exceptional flavor. Roasted Shallot oil adds an intense irresistible savory flavor to everything from Vietnamese salads to American roasted potatoes. 3.4 oz

Wild Rosemary- Take pleasure in the earthy, sweet aroma of rosemary while benefiting from all of the known health benefits of premium quality extra virgin olive oil. 3.4oz

Great Combination for any marinade or dressing! 

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