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Tre Country Traditonal Olive Oils

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Try out these cooking flavors! BROVELLI FAVORITE

Frantoia Italian Olive Oil -Produced in the western central hills of Sicily, Italy using century old traditional methods. Enjoy the spicy, herbaceous aroma, delicate ripe olive flavor, and nutty, sweet almond, buttery finish of this unfiltered olive oil. 8.4oz

Marrakesh Moroccan Olive Oil- This ultra-premium, extra virgin olive oil originates from an old orchard at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains. Enjoy hints of an aroma of mature bananas, red apples and red tomatoes. This oil combines with the balanced fruitiness of the Moroccan Picholine variety, with a hint of artichoke from the Dahbia Autochthonous variety, and then is softened by the Arbequina variety. 8.4oz

Lebanon Quadisha Olive Oil - More than a thousand years old, the Olive trees possibly dating back to the Roman Era. From the tree to the press, the optimum time to harvest, and extract extra virgin olive oil the same day. Using cold-press methods that preserve the taste, health benefits and overall quality. Souri is a peppery medium, robust olive oil of this unfiltered olive oil. 8.4oz

Great Combination for any marinade or dressing! 

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