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Chinese Five Spice Steak- Marinade Kit

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    100 ml Toasted Sesame Oil: (3 Tbsp) Add an Asian flair to any dish with the distinctive aroma and nutty flavor of this addicting oil. Perfect for light sautéing, blending into dressings or sauces, and drizzling over finished dishes.

    100 ml Harvest Fig Vinegar: (2 Tbsp) Lusciously sweet with notes of deep raisin, honey, and vanilla make Harvest Fig Balsamic perfect for adding depth to your cuisine any time of the year.

    Chinese 5 Spice: (2 tsp) While history is unclear, this ancient blend is thought to have been created as a Chinese “wonder powder,” incorporating all of the five flavor elements - sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty. This distinct spice blend is a must for roasting fatty meats and seasoning stir-fries.

    Thai Ginger Sea Salt: (1 tsp) A delicious flavor burst of fresh juicy ginger, finished with the clean taste of sea salt. Perfect for seasoning tuna, green beans, Asian noodle dishes and desserts.


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