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Candy Apple - Batter Mixer

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  • THICK BLADES FOR FAST MIXING: Wide nylon fins cut through thick ingredients to mix them quickly, reducing the odds of overmixing cake, muffin, pancake or brownie batter. The whisk-like shape incorporates ingredients evenly for smooth, fluffy batters.
  • TAPERED SILICONE FINS: Silicone-coated blades scrape the side of your mixing bowl, ensuring your batter is evenly mixed without dirtying more dishes. Combine every bit of your ingredients for a better balance to your batter.
  • STAIN-RESISTANT SILICONE: Silicone will not fade or stain with use. Additionally, it is heat-resistant and BPA-free for safe baking. Mix in warm oils and hot water without worry, or use the tool to break up ground meat.
  • STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE: Stainless steel adds style to your kitchen utensils. The metal handle is durable and visually striking. The handle allows for a comfortable grip, making this kitchen tool perfect for mixing, beating, and scrambling.
  • DIMENSIONS & CARE: 13.25" L X 3" W X 3" D; made of stainless steel, BPA-free silicone, and nylon. Dishwasher safe.


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