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Smokey Bacon Pork -Marinade Kit

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    100 ml Peppered Bacon Olive Oil(3 Tbsp) Who doesn’t love bacon?! Enjoy the robust, smoky flavor of thick cut, peppered bacon paired with extra virgin olive oil. The best part? Waistline friendly.

    100 ml. Smoked Balsamic Vinegar(2 Tbsp) Imagine the amazing flavors of fresh smoked bbq blended with a sweet, thick, luscious richness of balsamic vinegar and you have this magic sauce! An amazing addition to everything from grilled chicken and steak to brussel sprouts and potatoes. 

    Kansas City BBQ Dry Rub(2 tsp) No barbecue is complete without tender, well flavored meat and this is the key ingredient to make that happen! Simply season your meat liberally with BBQ Dry Rub, smoke or grill to mouthwatering tenderness, and slather with your favorite BBQ sauce. This spice blend is also great on potatoes, corn and veggies.

    Smokey Bacon Sea Salt(1 tsp) Bacon lovers rejoice! You can now enjoy the amazing flavor of savory, salty bacon on everything without even having to cook. A favorite for finishing scrambled or hard boiled eggs, sliced avocado, potato salad, pasta, and meats. Also great for rimming Bloody Mary's at your next brunch!


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