6- Sea Salt Flavor Flight - Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & Gifts
6- Sea Salt Flavor Flight - Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & Gifts

6- Sea Salt Flavor Flight

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6 Piece Sea Salt Flavor Flight

Explore the world of flavor with this collection of 6 sea salts harvested from around the globe. A great way to try a variety of salts or even have your favorites in travel size.

  • Red Hawaiian Sea Salt -This pure solar evaporated sea salt from the tropical Hawaiian Islands is bright in color as a result of the natural minerals of the red alaea volcanic clay.

  • Himalayan Sea Salt - Found deep within the Himalayan Mountains from ancient seas, this salt has many health benefits due to its high mineral content. Use in your salt mill or grinder.

  • Peruvian Pink Sea Salt -This tasty salt is harvested within the Peruvian Andes, where spring-fed terraced ponds overflow with mineral -rich saltwater. With its pastel, jewel-like appearance and delicate taste you'll want to use it on absolutely everything.

  • Australian Flake Sea Salt - Harvested off the cold Antarctic waters of Southern Australia this bright white sea salts has a delightful crunch and clean flavor. The crystals melt quickly and evenly, making it ideal for roasting and finishing.

  • Sel Gris French Sea Salt - Harvested on the Brittney Coast in France using century-old methods, this sea salt has a naturally great flavor and low sodium content than ordinary table salt.

  • Cypress Black Sea Salt - Mediterranean pyramid shaped salt crystals are paired with activated charcoal, which not only makes this salt beautiful for finishing but also adds flavor and natural detoxifying benefits.


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