Olive Oil Pasta Making Video- 



Dan-  10/19- I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for a fun class yesterday and f all your help around the shop. We Cooked the pasta last night & it was delicious!! Molly had such a Great time celebrating her birthday at the store. Thanks you and we will most definitely be back!!

Dolo E 2 days ago-Wonderful little shop! Family owned and operated. We had a cooking class there tonight and it was great! The food was delicious, and we even had some left over ingredients that we got to take home! The oils and vinegars are the stars of the show, but you can also find delicious sweet spreads, dried herbs, sauces, authentic Italian pasta, and so much more! Would highly recommend it!

Kyle V Whether you come in from out of town or live around, stop in here, and often. Their oils and vinegars are so tasty and the shop is so neat (and convenient)! So many different options for special dinner ideas, tasteful gifts for family/friends (Literal and figurative!) and even a space for cooking lessons!

Alainna Pi   This place is spectacular! I LOVE all the different types of olive oils and vinegars. You are welcome to sample anything! Ian is an awesome tour guide to not only your Brovelli experience, but also your taste buds. When you go in, ask for Ian, he will be more than happy to sample different items with you, or just show you around. Check it out. It's amazing. You would truly be missing out if you didn't stop by this cute boutique...5 stars.

Alison  Raleigh peeps: Just happened upon this CUTE store today. (Should have taken pictures.) It’s their grand opening - first day. Pastas with no fake or weird ingredients made by some grandmothers in Italy , super tasty oils and vinegars, rubs and spices, great little gifts, too. They encourage you to taste everything. We came out with pasta, truffle oil, NC BBQ sauce, garlic herb oil, and a smoky rub. Go and support this awesome local store. The people there are just as wonderful as the stuff! It’s in City Market near Big Ed’s.