Discover the passion that drives the flavor!


I grew up in a traditional European home where food is EVERYTHING. My passion began with my grandparents putting an emphasis on holiday meals. I remember so vividly the moments in the kitchen learning specific ways of preparation and generational recipes. The smells and foods they had learned from their parents made it more special. I brought these to my home and children.

The smells, tastes and large family gatherings are part of my fondest memories. Enjoying good food with quality ingredients with laughter  is what Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & gifts wants to share with you so you can bring that home to your family.


As my palate matured, my passion for quality ingredients grew. Living in, traveling through, and exploring different areas of the globe, I expanded my understanding of quality and authenticity of foods through flavors. Those experiences brought the enjoyment of different cultural foods to a new level. This fusion of high quality ingredients and global cuisines has led me to opening my own store. 

Come and visit our store Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & Gifts storefront or online (brovellioil.com). We are at City Market Raleigh, North Carolina. Come See, Smell & Taste over 70 samples. Enjoy the  fragrant aromas and robust flavors of quality ingredients that will transport your culinary understanding to new heights. 

- Barbara Brognano Swavely, Founder


We are committed not only to bringing you the best Olive Oils, Vinegars, Spices, and more! Brovelli Staff wants to help you and create new experiences through tasting. 

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