Truffle Lovers - Marinade Kit - Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & Gifts
Truffle Lovers - Marinade Kit - Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & Gifts

Truffle Lovers - Marinade Kit

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Marinades are as easy as 3, 2, 1.... 

Don't let your  recipes get stale and take inspiration from Brovelli's line of premium oils, vinegars, spices, and seasonings. Whether you're trying to get dinner on the table quickly or hosting a party, this marinade is sure to wow your friends and family! This recipe is ideal for 12 to 14 oz of pork. 

  1. Place your pork in a bowl or disposable Ziploc for easy clean up 
  2. Add  parts oil, 2 parts vinegar, and 1 part seasoning. 
  3. Let marinade for 30 minutes up to 12 hours. 

This recipe kit includes: 

  • 100ml Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 Tbsp ): Produced in the western central hills of Sicily, Italy using century old traditional methods. Enjoy the spicy, herbaceous aroma, delicate ripe olive flavor, and nutty, sweet almond finish of this unfiltered olive oil.
  • 100ml Dark Balsamic Vinegar (2 Tbsp): A classic Italian staple and our most popular balsamic vinegar, produced using traditional methods in Modena, Italy. This barrel aged, IGP balsamic vinegar is full bodied with a delicious sweetness that perfectly complements the natural tartness.
  • Black Truffle Sea Salt (2 tsp ): No barbecue is complete without tender, well flavored meat and this is the key ingredient to make that happen! Simply season your meat liberally with BBQ Dry Rub, smoke or grill to mouthwatering tenderness, and slather with your favorite BBQ sauce. This spice blend is also great on potatoes, corn and veggies.
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper,such as our Black Tellicherry Peppercorn Grinder              ADD THIS PRODUCT BELOW

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