For the cook, nut and seed oils are a necessary ingredient. Oils add fat for browning and for consistency, and many nut and seed oils add flavor. Oils derived from nuts are healthy.

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, while palm and coconut oils have the highest levels of saturated fats.

Although there are general-purpose oils these can generally be divided into cooking oils-those that are fairly neutral in flavor and withstand heat well and seasoning oils, which are best used to flavor uncooked dishes such as salads.

Walnut and hazelnut oils can be heated, but are most successful as seasoning oils.

Toasted Sesame Oil - Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & GiftsToasted Sesame Oil - Brovelli Oils, Vinegars & Gifts

Toasted Sesame Oil

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