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Pomegranate Infused Balsamic Vinegar, Natural

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Perfect balance of tarty & sweet flavors married with smooth creamy texture, this centuries old balsamic recipes are extremely versatile.

From the prized vineyards of the Island in Crete comes the Ellora Farms Balsamic vinegar, perfectly aged for the aroma and the luxurious indulgence. Our Balsamic are Crème & are made from an ancient recipe of reduced grape must and fresh local Pomegranates and there is nothing like it on most grocery store shelves.

Enjoy with salad greens, mozzarella, duck, lamb, baked chicken, grilled vegetables, and even vanilla ice-cream.

 250 ml (8.5 oz.)

NO ADDITIVES: A 100% natural product, with no added sugar, preservatives or colorings, 

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